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University of Maryland School of Nursing Debuts Green Wall

Mon Feb 13, 2023
University of Maryland School of Nursing's new green wall is a welcomed addition to the campus! The wall is made of sustainable materials and features a variety of plants to help relieve stress and promote healthy living.The green wall is the two-story focal point of the Virginia Lee Franklin Lounge. The wall is composed of 10 species of plants: platycerium bifurcatum (Staghorn Fern); peperomia clusiifolia (Pepermonia ‘Ginny’); tradescantia zebrina (Inch Plant); aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’ (Chinese Evergreen); dracaena trifasciata (Snakeplant); philodendron hederaceum ‘Brasil’ (Brasil Philodendron); hypoestes phyllostachya (Polka Dot Plant); cholorophytum comosum, (‘Bonnie’ Spiderplant); and philodendron hederaceum (Green Philodendron); and philodendron hederaceum ‘Lemon’ (Lemon Philodendron).Read more: