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University of Maryland Baltimore Expands Eastern Shore Programs via Cambridge's Packing House

Fri Jun 17, 2022
University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) President Bruce E. Jarrell attended the ribbon cutting of the historic Packing House in Cambridge, Maryland.UMB is contributing $750,000 to the @Maryland DHCD office in Cambridge to assist its economic development activities and collaborations with University System of Maryland institutions.UMB’s initial activities at the Packing House include:Agriculture Law Education Initiative (ALEI) — ALEI’s legal specialists and agriculture extension specialists help farmers (including aquafarmers) understand and comply with state, federal, and local laws and regulations. Farmers gain hands-on assistance with their existing businesses as well as assistance in diversifying into other agriculture-based products. ALEI will host conferences and in-person education programs in the Packing House.Engaging other universities and health care entities in the Packing House. UMB has convened several meetings with the leadership of Salisbury University, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences, Chesapeake College, and the @University of Maryland Shore Regional Health to explore bringing other community-focused academic and health science initiatives to Cambridge.Read more at #PackingHouse #Cambridge #PhillipsSeafood #umb