Located in Baltimore, the campus consists of 71 acres with almost 6 million gross square feet of space in 65 buildings.


The Maryland General Assembly chartered the College of Medicine, now called School of Medicine, in 1807; it is now the nation’s oldest public medical school.

In 1812, the Maryland General Assembly rechartered the College of Medicine as the University of Maryland and expanded its mission.

The forerunner of the law school, the Maryland Law Institute, now called Carey School of Law, was opened in 1824.

The world’s first dental college, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, now called School of Dentistry, was chartered in 1840.

The following year in 1841, the Maryland General Assembly chartered the College of Pharmacy, now called School of Pharmacy, making it the fourth oldest pharmacy school in the nation.

In 1889, Louisa Parsons, a colleague of Florence Nightingale, established the School of Nursing, one of the nation’s oldest formal nursing training programs, at the University of Maryland.

To promote and enhance research, scholarship, and advanced study, the Graduate School opened in 1918.

In response to growing social and cultural needs, the School of Social Work opened in 1961.